Monday, July 12, 2010

Hi, I'm Ruby Roslyn and I've been a photographer for over a week!

Hi there everybody! I'm Ruby Roslyn and I'm a photographer. My parents bought me a totally amazing Cannon D90 last week and I'm already taking beautiful photos that I post on my new Tumblr and on my Facebook so all my friends can see how unique and artsy I am. But it's not just photography that I'm good at. I like to use my Tumblr (because it's so easy and simple and unique and artsy) to post all the interesting or funny things that I think about during my days of being unique and artsy. Like yesterday I realized how life is either an adventure or nothing, so I posted that to help inspire my thousands of readers to find their own uniqueness and artsyness like I have. 

I really like to take pictures of myself, or use other pictures of me, and then use the filters in photoshop to turn them into unique art, and then I make them my profile pictures on my blog and Facebook so all my friends can see how good I am at Photoshop (not too mention how pretty I am). Here's one of my favorites of me:

I think it really shows how good at photography and photoshop I am. I had my older brother download CS5 onto my macbook because it's so much better for my photography than CS4 was. I love how many artsy stickers I have on my laptop! It really shows my uniqueness, not to mention my mac's wallpaper! It's a picture of chairs with smiley faces and a cat in the corner saying "look at these chairs"! Cracks me up every time!

Anyway, I think I should show you some of my very best photography!

This is one is of a flower in my backyard! I used a special lens my dad bought me so I could capture the flower's beauty. My Cannon D90 does a great job of capturing colors.

And this is a picture I took of an apple so I could symbolize commercialism in today's society and the president's taxes and the BP oil spill. I feel really bad for the fish and seals... so I'm doing my part to bring awareness to the spill with my art.

Those are just two of my very best, you'll have to visit my Tumblr and Facebook for the rest! 

My friends, who are almost all good photographers like me, would often ask if I took any classes to get so good at photography. I don't understand this question because art and uniqueness can't be taught! It comes naturally after getting a good camera. None of us has ever needed classes for it. It's just like beauty and being good at poetry. 
Like this one.

Some people really don't get it though. Like one time I was talking about my pictures with my friend Ella and this guy asked us if we liked Ansel Adams' pictures. I told him it wasn't funny to make up names. It turns out I was wrong and apparently he's a pretty popular photographer, which is stupid because all he did was take pictures of trees and mountains and old people. That's not art. now my friend Ella, she's a good artist. She took a black and white picture of a lawn chair yesterday that was gorgeous. I don't even know how to make my camera be black and white :(

Anywayyy it's been great talking about me, but Hairspray comes on in five minutes and I don't wanna miss it! Don't forget to keep checking my Facebook and Tumblr where I'll post status updates which overtly suggest how beautiful and unique and artsy I am!

Remember, war is always bad, and peace is always good. I was thinking that up last night :)

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