Friday, November 19, 2010

If Travis gets to be political and talk about conspiracies, then god damnit, so will I!

Greetings, readers of the blog!
Now, I know the blog has been a bit... boring... recently.
I know, I know... Travis has gone on one of his normal political rampages and made a blogpost that was, to be honest, lacking in humor. And I know Niina isn't helping, as she has no originality what so ever. (Don't worry, Niina. It's not your fault you don't have a penis.)And me... well... I've been busy. And believe me, when you are writing 4000 word essays, you do NOT want to spend the little little free time you have left writing even more crap.Therefor, I realize the blog has been lacking a little bit recently, and I blame Ann Coulter. As should you. For everything bad that has ever happened. Ever.

Ann Coulter has been the driving force behind every evil person ever. From the lowliest Street Thug to Hitler, Ann Coulter did it. Now, you might be confused by this everlasting truth. I mean, why Ann Coulter? I will tell you. I have found convincing evidence to back this theory up. You see, it all makes sense now. Why do you think she is behind all things bad in our world? Very simple: Ann Coulter is actually the devil.

Uncomfirmed if it's the same devil who dresses out as old ladies and stalks elevators in bad M. Night Shama-whatever-his-face movies.

Ann Coulter IS the devil. Just listen to her talk. She comes off as a transvestite with a bad temper and manical views, but it's all just a farse to throw us off her track. Think about it. She's been on Fox News, the most biased News Network there is. Dear god, last night I saw them do a report upon Call Of Duty letting children play as TERRORISTS during the game experience. So, who gains from the fear of the Terrorists? The Republicans, who just happen to be signing Fox News paycheck. And it's common knowledge the Republican Party is in league with the devil. Therefor, Ann Coulter is the devil.
Now you know.

Until next time.
/Over the Top

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Big News and I'm an Asshole

May I have your attention for just a moment? I apologize sincerely for being a lazy bastard lately. Ignoring this blog was never my attention, which is why I am going to stop. I've been inspired.

I am starting another blog called Rant and Caper, in which I will rant about things in the world that piss me off (the World Bank, the IMF, immorality, the Tea Party, imperialism, sexism, gender inequality, etc.) and will feature "capers" through my imagination in the form of demented (usually) short stories. I will continue to post humorous nonsense here for you, but I want you to be aware of my new blog.
Follow it at

Thanks so much for the support people. The revival of this blog will be epic. Epic.