Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Operation Endgame walkthrough, part 1

Last night, I watched a movie called "Operation Endgame", which can only be described as a Dark Action Comedy. Now, there were several things in this movie that confused me, EXCLUDING the choice of actors to play the deadliest assassins in the world.
Pictured: The strongest Assassin in the group, described as death incarnate. Yes. Really.

The movie starts with an attractive Asian woman pointing a gun at some guy's crotch. The guy, our protagonist, is apparently a new recruit in an organization of government super-assassins. There are two teams working for this Agency. The Alpha Team and the Omega Team. One of the teams wreaks havoc and pretty much ruins the world for everyone, and the other team tries to balance it out and sort out the trouble that the first team causes. The Protagonist asks "So why even have these teams in the first place, if they're just balancing each other out?", which is the question every fucking person with a braincell or two asks. The answer? "It's the black heart of our democracy. It's just how it is."
Oh... wait...Right. Sorry. I forgot that I was talking about the Government. Why am I even surprised?

Anyway, we're introduced to a group of the most unlikely Assassins ever.

Old Gentleman, Cougar, Alcoholic, Hot Chick, Handsome psycho, Black Wiz-kid, Cute innocent one, Token Asian, Normal-looking Protagonist and Ving Rhames. About every single movie-trope ever. In one movie.

Suddenly their boss is murdered, and the entire place goes into lockdown. And then, bloody murder. For no reason, Old Gentleman and Ving Rhames are killed. Gentleman is killed with a Stapler by Cougar, and Ving Rhames is killed by a Table-leg by Cute Innocent One.

Oh, come on. You didn't think Cute Innocent One was a nice person, did you? It's the nice ones you look out for in movies! Which I will be coming back to later, by the way. Believe me. In movie, the nice guys are NEVER nice...And in movies, the well built, McGyver esque black men (Ving. Motherfucking. Rhames.) get killed by 1.60 cm tall, skinny white girls. But atleast she's hot...

To be continued.

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