Saturday, August 21, 2010

Songs of the Now 1

Since I just got back stateside after a fantastic Summer in Cambodia, I'm much too busy/tired/excited/lazy for a lengthy post. I've decided to use this time to start a new blog series where I will be laying out up to ten songs that have my knickers all up in my bum (this means songs that are fucking fantastic). This is not a daily, though sometimes it may be. I will be posting these freeform, whenever I find enough great songs to justify a post. This will in no way get in the way of my other posting.

The now's top songs are:

On My Balcony by Flunk
Visions by Hooverphonic
6 Underground by Sneaker Pimps
Don't Really Know Me by Snowden
Up All Night With Stereotypes by Young Jesus
Bring The Night by Sia
Brave New World by Covenant
8 Bits by
I Love 64 by

Go and enjoy these songs if you want. I certainly do.

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