Monday, August 23, 2010

Introduction number 2, because the first one broke the site.

So, yeah. I'm gonna make another attempt to start writing in this blog. My first entry had to be deleted because it, for some inexplicable reason, fucked up the entire blog and made it unreadable.

That's me and technology for you. So, yeah.
So I'm Erik Mannfelt (hurr di durr, I've been felt by a man. Very fucking original, dickhead), writing under the pen name Over The Top.
I'm 18 years old, live in Cambodia (No, it's not in Africa. Learn your geography, retard.) and currently finishing my last year of High School. Other IB students out there, feel my pain.
I will do my best to amuse any potential readers of this block, and not make completely fucking useless entries (Looking at you, Niina) that amuse absolutely nobody.

So, yeah. This is my introduction.
Oh yeah! I draw comics. And play bass. And stuff. But you probably don't care.

Anyway, I am sitting in school right now.
Dear god, school is boring. It's like, Homework but worse. It just sucks all the fun out of your life. You know what would make school more awesome?A Zombie Apocalypse.

"That's for the F you gave me!... No, wait! School's out!... No, wait... Talk about boring you to death!... No wait..."

Honest to god, this place bores me to death. Anyway, I'll write an article or something funny later this week. So, yeah. Introduction over. Hi. Bye. And stuff.


  1. as an ex-IB student I feel your pain, so here's something to cheer you up when you're working on internal assessments or the extended essay or some of the other aweful things they make you do.

  2. I am currently stuck on my Extended Essay and my History IA, after finally (FINALLY) completing my World Lit Essays.

    Either way, thanks for the clip. It was a fun way to procrastinate for a few minutes ^^