Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Attempt At Being Funny And Entertaining

Oh wait nevermind. We all know that's not possible. So instead, I'll list out my favourite movies in no order because I know everyone cares. :)

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

Now, Kubrik is kind of an awesome as hell director. He has the balls to make movies that are 1. creepy (The Shining, Clockwork Orange), 2. Unbelievably un-understandable (2001:A Space Odyssey [and don't even argue against this. Not possible]) and 3. What oh my god my eyes are in heaven (Full Metal Jacket). Dr. Strangelove is the best (yes best) black comedy that exists that I have heard of, and no doubt will it rock forever. The sympathetic president, the crazy german scientist, and the silly captain Mandrake. And all three men are played by the same man. That's how bad-ass this film is.

The Room
What? The Room? This monstrosity? How could this at any rate be called a good movie. Because so many critics have had their say about this movie, I will spare myself the time and recommend you watch the Nostalgia Critic's review of this wonderful movie.

Instead I give you: The Room: The Drinking game.
Basic idea of the game is that one drinks whenever:
1. "Oh Hi ...."
2. There is a spoon visible in the shot
3. "Tommy is such a good person", or any variation of this
4. "But Mark's Johnny's best friend!" or any variation
5. "Don't worry about it!"
6. Lisa is beautiful
7. Horribly awkward sex scene with amazingly sensual music in the background. (Bonus Round: Every thurst into a navel is double the drink)
8. People take surprisingly dramatic news with casual nonchalance
9. Every time Lisa is bored
10. The Golden Gate Bridge
11. Nonsequitor football throwing (Bonus Round: double drinks for every person in a tuxedo while throwing said football)

So to be expected, that night did not end well for anyone involved.

Shaun of the Dead
Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are not a force to be reckoned with. I love zombies, and I love Simon Pegg, there is no reason why this is not a funny movie.

Speaking of zombies, although this is a classy and entertaining 'spoof' of the whole genre, I still doubt anything will ever beat Night of the Living Bread (1990).

And now because I am incapable of writing anything of proper length, I'm going to not write anymore. Also because I am lazy. Ha ha.

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