Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Small Talk

I suppose I'd better begin by introducing myself. My name is Travis, and I've spent my entire life of 19 years, thus far, living in reasonably exotic locations around the globe. Though originally born in the United States, I consider myself lacking in American...ness. Despite the fact that I live there now for university, I would like nothing more than to get the fuck out to go live in an international community in China or Cambodia, where things happen to be far more acceptable; I lack the degree of racism and cultural intolerance required to fit well in most American/English/French/ (essentially Anglo-Dominated) suburban societies.

At the time of writing, I'm living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, for a summer job at the American Embassy (I wonder if blogging at work is frowned upon). My job, office-time, anyway, largely consists of sitting in my cubicle desperately searching for amusing things to do on the internet, or swearing at my iphone in unrestrained rage at being unable to pass that one effing level of Angry Birds. Formally, however, I am the dedicated photographer in the office, which grants me access to all embassy trips (per diem, bitches) and events, which I then take a few photos of, express interest in, and then leave early for an essentially free massage, on the beach, at the 5-star hotel I've been put in, for free. This blog will feature numerous stories based on these "work" trips.

But to be frank, I find the political/social aspects of most of these trips fascinating, and all the awesome shit I get to do when I'm not photographing these events is just a great, big, oily, beachey, suntanny, sauna-ey, free gym workouty, cheap girly drinkey, party-all-nighty bonus that happens to come with the territory. I think it goes without saying but I'll say it anyway, my job is awesome. But that doesn't, in any way, mean I won't find something to complain about, just wait and see.

Hobbies include writing, musicing, football (the soccer kind), adventuring, other languages, and spending an inordinate amount of time on my hair which still ends up looking home to several badgers that have just found notices of eviction in the mailbox.

I think that's a sufficient introduction. Maybe next time I'll write something entertaining.
I'm the white guy. The man next to me is a coworker, he also happens to be ultimate.
That big grey thing behind us is the USS Tortuga. I'll be writing a post about that trip shortly, maybe.

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