Wednesday, June 23, 2010

PicRoll! i.e. Too Busy to Write A Long Post

This morning, instead of an actual post with some sort of blogalistic merit (which they lack anyway), I'm just going to throw a bunch of photos at you. I'll wait until this evening to write up something fascinating. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait a few days before I can upload anything relating to politics because the department might castrate me without an anesthetic if I do, so I'm going to attempt to entertain you with photos of a different (most likely more engaging) nature. Oh and please don't use any of these photos without my permission. The small sizes are an attempt to prevent that kthanks.

This is the USNS Mercy, an absolutely massive oil tanker converted into a hospital. This ship was, until recently, posted in Haiti to aid in relief efforts. It docked off Sihanoukville on the 15th and is still there, providing medical care to Cambodians both on the ship and on the mainland, where American and Cambodian doctors are working together to bring care to where it's not so easily acquired. I was all up in it.

Look at this bad boy. This photo is popular here.

This was a patient aboard the Mercy. I was snapping away and he drinking it all up, and then this dragon woman from the ship's navy was all "give him some space". I was 8 feet away and not using a flash. Some women are just plain unkind. In any case, this photo and many like it will be likely be featured in newspapers here.

The day after our tour of the Mercy, we wanted to stop by a Good Will school nearby, named the GoodWill School. It's run by some friendly English guys. When we arrived, the kids were on break and had vacated the school area, so we had no choice but to leave. However. On our way out, I saw this little girl throwing rocks (not at the dog). And snapped a shot of her.

If you can't quite see what the problem is, look at it fullsize (click it). This is a dog I spotted on our way back to the car from the Goodwill school. I was thoroughly unhappy. I wanted to pet it (so I did), and I wanted to bring it to a vet, but I couldn't. And finally, to end on a good note...

This is a little girl in line to receive medical care at a MEDCAP (a program by which foreign and Cambodian doctors work together to bring impoverished areas decent medical care). Much of the active medical staff at the event were doctors off the Mercy.

Well, so much for writing a short post.


  1. i'm a read every post you put on here lavr :)

  2. David, your presence here pleases me to no end, and I hold a special place in my heart for you.